Ceramic Coatings

Don’t allow dealers to put their overpriced and low quality paint protection (ceramic coating) on your car.

Why your Car needs Ceramic Coating?

Don’t allow dealers to put their overpriced and low quality paint protection (ceramic coating) on your car.
Keep your car looking like new and clean with paint protection (ceramic coating). This is not a polish and doesn’t wear off after a couple of weeks. Our ceramic coating bonds to your car’s paintwork creating a layer of protection harder than your car’s clear coat. Our coatings offer protection from tree sap, bird droppings, industrial fallout, paint fading caused by UV. Our coatings also create a hydrophobic layer which stops contaminates from bonding to paint work and makes liquids bead and run off. This makes it easier for you to keep your car cleaner for longer. With proper care, our coatings will protect your car for up to five years compared to waxes and sealants which might last only a few months.

Ceramic Coating – Paint Protection

Entry Level Ceramic Coating Package

Pro Grade 3 Year coating, from $899 – 1 day.



One Step Paint Enhancement Polish


3 Year Carbon Quartz Ceramic Coating

Endurance Ceramic Coating Package

Pro Grade 5 year coating, from $1,250 – 1-2 days.



One Step Paint Correction


Titan Hyper Quartz Carbon Coating.

Ultimate Protection Package

Two Layer Pro Grade 7 Year Coating from $1,850 – 2-3 days.



Rim Protection


All Window Protection


Interior & Exterior Trim Protection


Leather/Fabric Seat Protection

Glass Coating

Being part of our Extreme Performance Series – HYPERGLASS is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating.

It provides an ultra-slick low surface energy with low draining angle.

Treated windscreens are hydrophobized, non-stick and provide enhanced clarity and vision.

Wheel Coating

G238 is our state-of-the-art heat resistant coating designed for professionals looking for a high-performance ceramic coating for wheels/plastics and all metallic surfaces such as engine components, under carriages and callipers.

Interior Protection

Interior Ceramic Coating Protection

From $395

The perfect interior ceramic coating package for your car! This provides amazing protection to keep your leather, plastic and vinyl from absorbing stains, liquids and rejecting UV rays.



Interior Vinyl Coating


Interior leather surfaces coating


Interior fabric surfaces coating

*All details are subject to a pre and post walk through with customer present to set and meet expectations. Additional time may be required for excessive conditions not included.

*All personal items removed prior to service. Pockets or private areas with items still in them, including trash.

Coatings used at Iconic Detailing

We like to offer only the best products and services to our clients. Our clients needs are different and that is why we have two different brand options. Both coatings are market leaders and have their own unique benefits that will protect your vehicle to the highest standard.


Kate, Melbourne

Highly recommend Iconic Detailing Melbourne. Amazing service and attention to detail both when working on our older vehicle and protecting my new one! Friendly, efficient and no fuss with fantastic results.

Cheng, Melbourne

Danny really did a fabulous job on my already new car, really gives a shine touch to it and after a week I notice the amount of dust collected is significantly less than usual, I believe it is because he applied the final coating after he washed my car and that really helps to shear out the dust. Thank you again!

Andrew, Melbourne

Danny did a really amazing job of applying ceramic coating on my new car. After applied the coating, my car is even more glossy shiny. He also gave me some advise how to maintain the car. Highly highly recommend Iconic Detailing Melbourne. Thank you.